Mediation is an important part of the legal system in most countries and it can be a viable solution to various conflicts. During mediation, two or more parties meet with a neutral party to find a common solution for their situation and manage their differences.

The Role of a Mediator in the Process

The mediator has limited but essential attributes as part of the legal mediation services they provide. They create an environment for proper negotiation, without judging the situation they are mediating. This type of negotiation helps parties to reach an understanding of their differences and, in best cases, also an agreement. Each mediation process will start with a common or joint session that will establish the agenda of the conflict. During this session, each party will be able to express their desires, wants and objectives as well as what they are willing to settle for as a result of the mediation process. Everything said during a mediation session is confidential and only a matter of the parties involved in this process.

After the joint session, the mediator will have separate sessions with each party involved in the mediation process. During the individual session, each party will have the chance to highlight their side of the conflict in a manner that will offer the mediator a better understanding of their position. By doing so, each side will be able to obtain a better representation during the mediation process and the negotiation will remain on objective grounds, which is essential for such a process to be successful!

During the mediation process, the mediator will ask questions that will help find a common solution to the cause in question. They will take into account the information obtained at the joint session as well as at the individual session and they will be sure to have in mind the interests of all parties involved in the process.

Benefits and Applications of Professional Mediation

A professional mediation process will help in various situations from workplace conflict resolutions to marital issues and divorce matters. It brings to light the real concerns and issues in a certain environment and it gives everyone involved in them the chance to have their needs and expectations met.

Also, unlike a court of trial, mediation makes sure that everyone has something to win out of the process, and they obtain as many things on their list as possible. The mediator also assures all parties involved agree with the final solution and the conflict or disagreement ends after the process of mediation is over as well.

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