Construction and Infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure

  1. Contract review and negotiation: We review and negotiate construction and infrastructure contracts, such as design-build, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracts, to ensure that the firm’s legal rights and obligations are protected. We can also advise on the terms of the contract like payment, completion, and dispute resolution process.
  2. Legal compliance: We ensure that the firm complies with all relevant laws and regulations, such as those related to building codes, labour laws, environmental laws, and procurement laws.
  3. Risk management: We help the firm identify and manage potential legal risks, such as those related to construction defects, delays, and disputes.
  4. Litigation and disputes: Our lawyers can represent the firm in legal disputes, such as those related to contract breaches, construction defects, and personal injury claims.

5. Intellectual property: We can help the firm protect its own intellectual property, such as patents and copyrighted plans and designs.

6. Government relations: We have advised some of the top UAE firms on how to navigate the complex web of laws and regulations related to government relations, such as procurement laws and regulations.

7. Insurance: Our Lawyers can help the firm understand insurance coverage, including the limits of liability and the process of filing claims.

8. Real estate: Hikmat Fayad and Associates have assisted the top firms with the legal aspects of acquiring land and other real estate for construction and infrastructure projects.

9. Bonding and suretyship: Our Lawyers can advise your firm on how to comply with the requirements of bonding and suretyship and help them navigate the process of obtaining bonds.