If you live in the UAE or if you have firm connections in this area, you most likely heard of professional arbitration in Dubai. But what does this mean? Once you understand how the concept of arbitration in Dubai works, you will find that there is an efficient solution to many legal conflicts. But in order to use this legal resolution method best, you have to understand how it works and if it applies to your specific case. 

The Process of Professional Arbitration in Dubai

Essentially, arbitration is a form of mediation. Both parties involved in the conflict at hand, try to find a legal compromise to the current situation. For this type of informal settlement to happen, different hearings take place between the mediator or arbitrator and the parts. Some hearings will be focused on only one part involved in the conflict, while others will gather both parties and try to reach a settlement. During these meetings, everyone’s rights and needs are respected and taken into account equally. If a resolution is reached, the need for a trial is avoided and the results of the arbitrary process remain final.

Professional Arbitration Services in Dubai by Hikmat Fayad & Associates

Hikmat Fayad & Associates can offer you professional arbitrary services regarding any type of conflict that is suitable for such a resolution. Most types of conflicts that will be suitable for professional arbitrary resolutions are commercial and corporate conflicts. We hire the best corporate lawyer. In such cases, chances are that the parties will settle with the right amount of dedication from the officials involved. Our company has been leading the market in its niche since 1971 and our knowledge and experience grew significantly in the past decades. We gathered only the best licensed attorneys in our team and we are confident that you can rely on our services not only for conflicts that are suitable for professional arbitrary but also for those conflicts that go further and materialize in a trial. 

Comprehensive Legal Support for Your Case

All you have to do is get in touch with our legal team and we will evaluate your case. Upon the evaluation, we will be able to tell you if your case is one that fits the professional arbitrary requirements and what are the norms to avoid trial. Otherwise, we will also advise you towards the best approach to have in case of a trial and our advocates can also represent you in court if you so need. But once you start working with our best law firm in dubai uae, you will not have to worry about the outcome of your case because we will make sure that it is in your favor. Our counselors and attorneys will be ready to answer any type of questions you might have related to the case so that you and your team are always informed and prepared to defend your rights. We put the rights and priorities of our customers at the highest point and we never compromise when it comes to bringing justice to those who trust us with their legal cases. This is how over the past decades we gathered plenty of satisfied clients and you can become one of them if you let us handle the current legal situation that you find yourself in. Our lawyers will limit the losses and even reduce them to none if that is a viable option depending on the severity of your case and the circumstances around it. 

We always make sure to check for the possibility of professional arbitrary solutions as they are less risky and more affordable for all parties involved compared to a court representation. Our Company also provides you professional mediation services in dubai. So, let us know what your situation involves and we will make sure to make the best out of it, for the benefit of your team!