There are many ways to calculate a business’s net present value today, yet rarely will one ever learn how to conceive a value creating entity by merely understanding how to calculate it’s worth. A few things one must really consider, the first thing to be aware of is that value and value creation are totally two different things, the former is derived from the latter. One is fixed while the other is variable, one can be captured with a thought, idea or number and the other is constantly moving and evolving and if it’s not, it is on its road to failure.

Let us call it a “Value Creating Entity” instead of a business and the pillars of this foundation which it shall stand on are the following:

The number one pillar are the People who work for this business, who not only want to work here but are aiming to passionately propel themselves forward. Your team must have a burning desire to grow, to succeed, to get out of their comfort zone so that they may battle all uncertainties and win. Not only should they be well versed and educated in matters that are related to your business but they need to also have the right discipline, demeanour and attitude to last the duration needed to mature into the vision’s full inception.

Managing is a method, the right way is essential to keep everyone motivated to continue, without oiling an engine it cannot move forward, it will burn in its tracks, management is what keeps the workforce motivated and keeps them going. It should not be a bureaucratic tool; on the contrary it must lighten the load of the overall structure so that it may excel with ease. A good management connects the dots of the whole organization so that information and ideas flow rapidly along the top to bottom and vice versa.

Using the right Strategy with the assistance of legal advisors places you a step closer towards an obstacle free path, it does not necessarily mean that you will succeed but you have tools at your disposal to focus on your vision. What separates a great advisor from an average one is the reach you can encompass from building such an interaction. Advisors must have a dynamic relationship with your organization, helping you network and expanding your reach amongst institutions and governmental entities while providing you with expertise and presentable solutions.

An element of Surprise, without this element, the magnanimity of your creation will lose its potency. It must suddenly bring about an impact and not many should see it coming. Uber is the perfect example, read of the hardships they faced so that they could bring their vision to life, if all the unions and external entities saw it coming, it would have been dead in its tracks, not everything that brings about a positive rhythm in people’s lives is welcome. Some groups generate wealth or live off corruption and inefficiencies, therefore they will use all the tools necessary to prevent such a vision from succeeding.