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In an ever-evolving landscape that is always developing from a legal perspective a lot of time is dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients involved in this sector are aware of the law and how to protect themselves first, especially with real estate and construction contracts. They are one of the most complex kinds of contracts in the legal field and our Real estate/ Construction team are highly trained and qualified to draft and review these contracts. We have some of the top local and international real estate and construction organizations as clients.

Our services embrace major project work, including infrastructure and commercial development. We have negotiated and advised upon some of the largest projects in the UAE – from the pre-tender stage right through to project completion. We frequently advise concerning major retail, leisure, residential, and office developments.

We assist our clients in the light of FIDIC rules – in various matters which deal with employers, contractors, or consultants – on all aspects of contract interpretation and procedures during projects, and step in to provide analysis and representation to our clients in the important interfaces that routinely occur between the participants in operations on site.

We provide a depth of experience that allows our services to be delivered both on a timely and a value-added basis, where they are particularly needed to meet the requirements of our clients’ ongoing development activities.