Hikmat Fayad - Criminal Lawyers
Hikmat Fayad - Criminal Lawyers in Dubai UAE


The Firm’s criminal practice (local & international) includes the representation of clients in criminal investigations and proceedings. The Firm’s experience in this area encompasses all phases of the criminal justice process from preliminary investigation through to trial and appeal proceedings. Our lawyers handle a wide range of business crimes, and defense cases and provide counseling on issues involving the violation of local laws, rules, and regulations.

We represent our clients in a full spectrum of financial crimes and related matters, such as corporate fraud, Forgery, Breach of trust (embezzle­ment), and Bribery.

We also assist our clients with internal investigations into potential violations of regulations or criminal law and provide legal and remedial advice. We also represent our clients before competent judicial bodies such as Financial Intelligence Units, Police, Public Prosecutors, Criminal Courts, and INTERPOL.

Auto Accidents & Injuries

While you are driving, you face issues like distracted drivers and poor road conditions. Whether your accident is a result of an uninsured motorist, distracted or drunk driver, a cell phone user, or any other offense, involvement in an accident at the hands of another driver’s negligence should involve a plan to take legal action.

We can help you recover damages and alleviate costs that result from medical bills, lost wages, insurance, criminal claim, and much more.