Our Arbitration Service

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution, our practice is comprised of specialist practitioners, many with an international background.  Through their knowledge of the Middle East and their international and regional experience, the members of our arbitration team have the necessary expertise to provide representation at the highest level across regions and industries.

Our global experienced team can assist you upon regional and international level.

We represent a broad range of clients in various industries, we act on complex, high value arbitrations. Our experience spans all industry sectors.


Our Mediation Service

Mediation is another alternative dispute resolution. to traditional court litigation, we provide an effective means of resolving disputes cooperatively. 

We mediate for the legal rights and obligations relating to the dispute and the parties.

Keeping the law in mind, our mediators can at the same time assist individuals in negotiating a fair settlement. The parties can also benefit from the lawyer’s skills in drafting the settlement agreement that is reached between them.

We assist parties in facilitating conversation; and from there, we can recognize the parties’ main interests, beliefs, anxieties, and hopes.  This leads to finding common ground and identifying key areas of dispute.    Only then can we work effectively towards a solution. 


Our focus is to steer clear of bottom lines and help the clients harmonize their future affairs.