LLD in Civil Law from Lebanese University since 1977



  • Judge since 1973;

  • President of the higher court of justice and institute of judicial studies in Beirut;

  • Lecturer of Private International Law, Civil, Business  and Arbitration;

  • Lecturer of International Business Transactions;

  • Member of the higher banking board for Anti-Money Laundering of the Central Bank.

He is recognized by the Lebanese government, GCC and MENA as a leading law lecturer.


  • Civil Contract since 1987

  • Private International Law since 1994

  • Law search methodology since 1998

  • He is also the author of many articles and essays on real rights, medical liability, Franchise Contracts, Experts’ Liability, Family Law, Human Rights, Justice and Future Challenges, Vision of International Arbitration, Legal Principles, Treaties and Laws, Law and Order and many others.



Arabic Native - English - French



LLD since 1990 from Saint Joseph University of Beirut.



  • Advocate and international Arbitrator.

  • He is recognized as a leading legal expert in Arab Countries from UNDP, Arab League, Acojuris and ICC.

  • Law lecturer in the institute of judicial studies in Beirut, lawyers’ institute in Beirut, Lebanese University, Saint Joseph University in Beirut and Dubai, Islamic University in Beirut, Arab University in Beirut and Notre Dame University in Beirut.



  • Responsibilities of the Master for his labors since 1995;

  • Studies on Private International Law since 2008;

  • UAE Civil & Commercial procedures law since 2009;

  • UAE criminal procedures law since 2010;

  • Procedures of execution since 20012;

  • Private International Law since 1994;

  • Legal methodology since 2015.


Beirut Bar Association


Arabic Native- English - French



  • LLB from the Lebanese University and;

  • BA in history from the American University of Beirut.


Abir has over 13 years of experience in law practice. 
Over the years she has earned extensive transactional expertise in mergers and acquisitions, project finance and equity and debt offering transactions for both corporate and sovereign issuers, securitization transactions in addition to corporate restructurings and joint ventures, among other matters. 
She has counseled a diverse client base that includes multinational corporate clients and leading Lebanese and non-Lebanese banking institutions and investment schemes on the legal and regulatory aspects of doing business and investing in Lebanon in addition to a wide range of other legal matters. 
Abir has actively participated in privatizations projects launched by the Lebanese Republic. She has also been involved in legal initiatives undertaken to reform the investment climate in Lebanon, including working with the International Finance Corporation on legal reform projects. 
She continually advises international law firms and other clients in respect of cross-border transactions and as to Lebanese law.


Beirut Bar Association.



Arabic Native- English - French



Ramez has earned LLB from the Lebanese University since 1999.



His wide-ranging experience has been gained from an immense practice that provided his exposure to a vast array of industries, namely international investments and trade of raw materials (marble, crude oil, sugar, etc.), medical and healthcare, tourism and hospitality, and education.

Moreover, he was involved several times in a number of domestic and regional merger and acquisition transactions. Also his strengths reside in his incomparable negotiation, conciliation, persuasion and conflict resolution techniques, tools and strategies, which he applies with eloquence and nimbleness.


Ramez is well –grounded with the legal ethics and he considered one of the most innovative in the Middle East region, his strong ethics being considered exceptional in rhetoric verbal, written skills, analytical proficiencies, together with his outstanding ability to accentuate clients’ rights, obligations, and interests always highlight his reputation and goodwill.



  • Member of Beirut Bar Association since 2001;

  • President of the Rotary Club of Beirut Metropolitan (RCBM) Years 2016-2017

  • Member of the legal committee at the Association Franco-Libanaise pour l’Education et la Culture (AFLEC) and educational and cultural Institution which leads an international educational institutions in the Middle East and GCC region.



Arabic Native- English